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New Year ..... New.....?

So I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. As children have gone back to school and nursery or for those who are younger there is the return of parent and toddler groups to look forward to.

It has hit me that now is a time to start again and look at life with a different slant on things......

For me it is trying not to spend hours arguing with my stuborn 8 year old but to find things to celebrate, his enjoyment in going to school and seeing his friends. The hug I still get at the school playgound before he runs into school (I don't get that from my 10 year old anymore).

I know for many of you life has not been easy over the last year and I hope and pray that things begin to improve. I hope that HFC can give you some support, an ear to hear about the nappy that didn't contain and the tummy pains at 2 in the morning.

But it should also be there to celebrate the good that may seem insignificant with those that do not live with HD, the 'Mummy I've just done a poo on the toilet' or wearing 'big boy pants' at school for the first time.

I hope that as a small community of those all aware of HD there will be a level of understanding that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

So I think my take home message is let us celebrate the small things and help support you when you hit a bad patch.



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