Callum's Story

My son Callum is 9 he has standard segment HD, he was born 5 days late but had a normal pregnancy and delivery. At 6 days old he was taken into hospital after not eating, being very sleepy, losing 12% birth weight and being very sick.


He was transferred from a Portsmouth hospital to Southampton General where after a few biopsies they found out that Callum had Hirshsprungs Disease. At 5 weeks old he had the pull through operation.


He was fine, but still in nappies when he started school, this was due to constantly soiling. He would have good periods when he was clean and in pants but the bad periods where becoming more frequent.  Last summer we tried the rectal washouts but that didn't work completely and as of last September he started to become very pale and withdrawn and having a few trips to hospital due to being dehydrated and getting infections. Because of the nappies his bottom became very sore and his skin would bleed. He was wearing nappies until December last year when due to all that had happened with Callum the hospital, myself and Callum decided to go down the route of giving him ileostomy.


He loves not having to wear nappies anymore!! Once he had his operation in December and healed from the surgery his stoma (wormy) kept prolapsing , and last week he had it refashioned and so now he has a new wormy which he loves and already his confidence is growing. So now we hope that he can go on to being a happy healthy active boy.




posted 27/04/2015