Hirschsprungs Family Connections

We are a small charity set up to connect families who love a child with Hirschsprungs Disease (HD).


We are based out of Southampton and work closely with Southampton Children's Hospital where all the children are treated.


Our Aims are to:

- Provide support for families who live with HD
- Organise family get togethers for families of people who live with HD
- Fund for medical supplies or equipment 
- Provide support to the wards where children are treated 
- Financially help families during hospital stays 
- Provide an online presence for families of children with HD. 
- Promote awareness of HD and awareness of late diagnosis 
- Give advice to and signpost families to organisations where possible
- Networking with other charities 

Our Committee

Rachel Munn
Emma Yates
Jade Polhill
Clare Waite
Events organisor
Karen Dick
I am the paedatric Surgical Nurse Specialist at Southampton Children's Hospital. I provide nursing support for the children with HD in the South Central area. I am also a willing pair of hands for the charity
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Hirschsprungs Family Connections

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Jade Polhill